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Social Media Marketing


If you´re looking for an active presence on the social network, you better have an attractive design and content in all your social profiles.


At Corvi Multimedia we take care of creating designs in all the corporative channels in social networking.


Only with an appealing presence you will capture the attention of the public and of your potential clients.


The designs of the social channels of a brand are very important, because the perception of the public will be different. Communicating strategically on the Internet has become a requirement to transmit the correct message to the public.


This is why it is important not only in the way you express yourself, but also the images that you use when you share content on social network.

Administracion de Redes Sociales

Creation and Consulting in Social Networking

 * Create and accessorize Social Networks

 * Connection of your social networks to your website.

 * Media integration.

 * Advice on maintenance and social networking.

 * Advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

 * Monitoring and maintaining social networks.

 * Analysis of social networking statistics.

 * Development of multimedia content for social


Administracion de Redes Sociales, social media, Marketing

Do you want to know the status of your social network?

Expand your company on social network world and attract more customers by providing the general public with information. We will help you prepare promotions, advertise new products, present campaigns and more. Watch as your sales and clients increase


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